5 Things Quality Wheel Manufacturers Do To Stand Out

In the world of custom wheel manufacturing, precision and excellence reign supreme.

While much attention is given to wheel design, there’s an essential factor that quietly shapes the industry’s direction – the quality of wheel blanks.

These blanks are the raw canvases of wheel manufacturing. And play a pivotal role in determining the ultimate success of a wheel.

At AST, we pride ourselves on creating wheel blanks that can be used as the bedrock upon which the most innovative and awe-inspiring wheels can be built.

To achieve that there are 5 things we do to stand head and shoulders above the competition…


1. Rotary Forging Technology

Unlike conventional casting or forging processes, rotary forging combines precision with innovation to produce wheel blanks that redefine the standard of quality and performance.

Rotary forging alters the molecular structure of the metal while forging it, and it involves rotating the material at high speeds during the process.

This results in a unique grain structure, making rotary forged wheels both lightweight and incredibly strong. 

When compared to cast wheels, rotary forged wheels offer a remarkable advantage in terms of weight reduction, leading to improved fuel efficiency and enhanced handling.

While cast wheels are cost-effective, there’s simply no substitute for the quality and performance that rotary forged wheels provide.

2. Wheel Centers  for Every Purpose

The heart of custom wheel design lies in center blanks or forgings.

These wheel blanks are a testament to versatility and aesthetics.

Shaped in various forms, from flat to concave, and sometimes adorned with legs, center forgings are the canvas upon which designers create automotive masterpieces.

These blanks serve as the building blocks for 2pc and 3pc wheels, allowing for endless possibilities in design, fitment, and style.

Drag Front Wheels for Racing Precision

When the need for lightning-fast acceleration and exceptional performance arises, drag front wheels are the answer.

Crafted with precision for the intense world of drag racing, these wheel blanks are engineered to shave off every ounce of unnecessary weight while ensuring uncompromised strength.

Designed to handle extreme forces, drag front wheels make sure your racing machine stays at the top of its game.

drag race wheels manufacturing


Monoblocks, or one-piece (1pc) wheels, are the epitome of fitment and specificity.

Tailored for distinct vehicle models, these wheel blanks are precisely manufactured to ensure a perfect fit, whether it’s for a high-performance sports car or an off-road beast.

Monoblocks are the preferred choice of those who know exactly what they want because they fit like a glove, enhancing the overall aesthetics and performance of their vehicles.

monoblock wheels

Truck Wheels

Trucks are the workhorses of various industries, and their wheels must be up to the challenge. AST specializes in manufacturing truck wheels that prioritize strength and durability.

Designed to withstand heavy loads and rugged terrain, these truck wheel blanks ensure that trucks can perform their tasks with unwavering reliability.

truck wheel manufacturing

Beadlock Wheels

Off-road enthusiasts demand wheels that can handle the toughest conditions. AST’s beadlock wheels are engineered to excel in the world of off-road adventures.

With a secure beadlock design that keeps tires firmly in place, these wheel blanks provide the traction and stability needed to conquer rough terrain, from rocky trails to muddy paths.

beadlock offroad wheel manufacturing

3. US-Made Wheels

With US-based manufacturing, AST ensures rapid production and delivery, accommodating custom orders efficiently. This agility is invaluable for meeting tight deadlines and unique requirements. Time zone alignment allows for seamless communication, ensuring quick responses to customer inquiries.

AST also invites potential customers to tour our manufacturing facility, providing firsthand insights into their capabilities, processes, and quality standards. This commitment to transparency reinforces trust and confidence in our product.

4. Near Net Shapes

Near Net Shapes manufacturing revolutionizes wheel production by reducing waste and enhancing efficiency. 

This technique forges components close to their final shape, minimizing extensive machining. 

Here’s why it matters:

  • Material Efficiency: Near Net Shapes reduce waste by shaping components closer to their final geometry, saving resources.
  • Cost Savings: Less machining time means lower production costs and fewer rejected parts.
  • Enhanced Product Quality: Near Net Shape forging improves mechanical properties, enhancing safety and performance.
  • Faster Production: Efficiency allows rapid responses to market demands, boosting competitiveness.

We align our method with your requirements, reduce waste, and prioritize mutual profitability.

benefits of near net shape wheels

5. Experience

In the intricate world of wheel manufacturing, experience is the cornerstone upon which innovation and quality thrive. It’s the knowledge that separates the exceptional from the ordinary, and AST Forged Wheels is a testament to this philosophy.

Experience in wheel manufacturing goes beyond just knowing the ropes; it’s about possessing a deep understanding of the intricacies that define excellence. It’s about knowing how to optimize designs for efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and unparalleled quality.

At AST Forged Wheels, experience isn’t just a buzzword – it’s ingrained in our approach to every project. Our team’s collective wisdom allows us to tackle complex questions and provide cost-effective solutions that maintain the highest standards of quality and performance.

Our commitment to excellence is evident in every facet of our work. From understanding the nuances of wheel manufacturing to optimizing designs for cost-efficiency, we draw on decades of collective experience to deliver outstanding results. Our team’s expertise is not just about manufacturing wheels; it’s about transforming ideas into reality while ensuring cost-effective solutions.

What to look for in a quality wheel blank

Quality “forged” wheel blanks are marked by sharp, distinctive, and precise features. They go beyond raw materials, serving as the fundamental building blocks for crafting exceptional wheels. Attention to detail in the manufacturing process ensures that every contour, curve, and angle is meticulously crafted, setting the stage for an outstanding final product.

In contrast, “cast” wheels tend to display more rounded and understated features. While they have their merits, they lack the sharpness and precision that define quality forged wheel blanks.

One of the remarkable aspects of quality wheel blank manufacturing is the opportunity for customization. Custom wheel blank manufacturing empowers wheel manufacturers to unleash their creativity, designing and producing wheel blanks tailored to their unique visions and specifications.

This customization realm is a hub of innovation, where every curve, spoke, and detail can be honed to perfection. It offers manufacturers the freedom to craft wheel blanks that perfectly align with their brand identity and customer expectations.

How to buy from a reliable wheel manufacturer

Look for a manufacturer with ISO certification.

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certification is a strong indicator of a company’s commitment to quality, adherence to rigorous standards, and a systematic approach to manufacturing.

It ensures that the manufacturer follows internationally recognized best practices, assuring you of consistent quality and performance.

Pricing Considerations

Material weight and near net shapes are the often-overlooked keys to understanding wheel pricing. Material weight, simply put, affects manufacturing costs. Heavier materials generally mean higher expenses. On the other hand, lightweight materials, like aluminum alloys, offer better performance but can come with a higher upfront price. Robust steel, while durable, can add weight to your vehicle.

Near net shapes, a technological innovation, significantly impact costs. These components are forged closer to their final shape, reducing material wastage and machining needs. This not only results in cost savings but also aligns with eco-friendly practices.

At AST, we specialize in making your design closest to near net shapes. We assess your design or drawing meticulously to determine the precise material requirements, eliminating waste and optimizing costs. With us, you’re assured of an efficient use of materials without unnecessary expenses.

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