Monoblock Wheels

Premium USA-made Forged One Piece Wheels

We want to help your customers stand out with our premium USA-made rotary forged one-piece wheels for off-road, trucks, drag race, and street vehicles.

We supply wheel manufacturers like you with the world’s largest selection of sizes and styles of aluminum wheels, so you can finish machining them to your customers’ exact specifications.



Why AST Monoblock Wheels?

Our rotary forging and metal spinning capabilities use common tooling whenever possible, thereby reducing the amount of dedicated tooling needed and leading to shorter lead times, more product variations, better value for your customers, and higher profit margins for your business.

For over 25 years we’ve proudly kept all production in the USA at our Oxnard, CA headquarters, allowing us to offer you smaller runs and
fast deliveries.

  • Quality. Large selection. Quick Turn.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Large selection of monoblocks to meet your customer preferences.
  • Common tooling in popular shapes, sizes, and widths for fast manufacture.
  • Our large selection of tooling can be re-utilized without passing on costs to our customers.

Markets We Serve

  • Monoblocks, or 1pc wheels for off-road, trucks, drag race, and street vehicles known for quality & extreme strength
  • If you don’t see it here, contact us for many more options and possibilities.


Monoblocks due to their methods of construction are stronger than multi-piece wheels.

Monoblocks can be used for any vehicle segment and are preferred over multi-piece wheels when strength and weight are important.

A beadlock wheel is a monoblock where an external ring clamps down over the edge of the wheel thereby holding it tight against the wheel. This keeps the tire from spinning on the ring in high stress situations.

Forged Monoblocks are typically made out of a 6061 aluminum alloy.

All of AST’s products including monoblocks are made in the USA.

All of AST’s monoblocks are shipped as lathe blanks, meaning they are ready to be milled into the style the customer desires. They would subsequently have finishes applied.

Picking the right monoblock for your vehicle is a function of both styling and functionality. Picking the style, flat, concave etc. is really one of personal choice. The functionality comes from what diameter and width of wheel fits appropriately on your vehicle. In addition, there’s also the question of backspace/offset and brake clearance that needs to be taken into account. A wheel fitment professional should be consulted during this process.